To Chat or Not to Chat

What a comfort it is to talk back and forth with someone in real-time without having to continuously send e-mails? Chat gives a sense of really communicating with the person as if you were there. Chat is a powerful communications tool, especially when supported by a good service behind it. Online chat service achieves the goal of immediacy and is likely to increase the level of traffic at your web site. This modern communication channel enhances visitors’ satisfation as it guarantees close, direct contact with the customer who gets immediate support and, consequently, it leads to reduction of the number of purchase resignations caused by lack of information or shopper’s hesitation. Using ASP technology we developed NetroChat functionality which is quick and easy to operate, saves time and money that your customer would spend on making phone calls or sending emails. NetroChat is fully integrated with the company’s web service and other systems that exist in the organizations. With NetroChat your clients will get help in real-time, remaining online and thus your customer assistance quality will be significantly improved.

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