XML Services

The buzz-word "XML" is beginning to pop up all over the Net. Why should you care? Because all business is about making the most of data and when it comes to managing data, XML is unbeatable.

XML is an emerging format perfect to structure, store, send and exchange information. It is the most highly recommended system for data storage. XML is perceived as a mother tongue for other markup languages. XML has picked up where HTML left off - it has the virtues of HTML without any of its limitations. XML is strong in Intelligence, Adaptation, Maintenance, Linking, Simplicity, Portability. XML allows the author to define their own tags and their own document structure. While HTML has a small and fixed number of tags, the core of XML's power lies with its capacity to create new markup tags to fit the need. With XML you can consolidate your corporate assets - stored in various places, typically existing in many forms such as databases, memos, email and enterprise resource planning - into a single repository using a standard format. Any XML-enabled application can interpret its contents which makes XML a powerful means of not just displaying documents, but also storing and sharing the information they contain. XML provides a very rich system to define complex documents and data structures such as invoices, molecular data, news feeds, glossaries, inventory descriptions, real estate properties, etc. As long as a programmer has the XML definition for a collection of data then they can create a program to reliably process any data formatted according to those rules.

Let your business benefit from the best practices and most innovative technologies - use XML services.

They say that visions often die when they try to be all things to all people. The vision of XML won't. Its job is allowing visions to be all things to all people.

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