The UPS Store Downtown Miami Project

We have created a website for the United Parcel Service franchisees offering a wide range of functionality that will attract clients to use a full variety of UPS services. The website will allow users to place orders for products or services, find out information about their packages, monitor status of their deliveries or orders they have placed, download coupons for use in-store and even apply for mailbox services. Every component of our system can be configured according to current needs – from top menu elements and their order to available printing colors. This will allow individual franchisees to adapt their websites to match their particular stores’ offerings and better address local customers’ demand.

An overview of some of the functionalities we created for UPS Store Downtown Miami

Track a package

Clients can check the status of their delivery and track shipment of their packages. After typing tracking numbers, users can verify the status, pickup and delivery date of their packages as well as obtain detailed information about their shipments.

Packaging Calculator

Packaging calculator device we created will help users estimate the UPS store retail cost for their shipments. All you need to do is enter values for package width, length, height, weight and select any additional requirements (fragile, electronic, liquid, etc.). The system automatically determines, based on users’ input, whether double boxing is required, or anti-static packaging, etc.

Online Printing

Using the UPS Store website, clients can upload their documents for printing at their local store. Users can save their information including past jobs in case they would like to do re-prints in the future. Clients can select paper category, color, printing and binding style as well as submit their own special requests.

Mailbox services

Clients can place orders for a new mailbox. Orders completed with required personal details are saved and a PDF agreement is generated. Users can download and print their copy, and then mail it to the center.

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