Netro.Play Content & Multimedia Display System Project

We have successfully completed a prestigious scheme – Netro.Play Multimedia Display & Distribution System Project.

For our customer, KikaZoom, the premier wireless retailer in the South Western United States offering exclusively Sprint products and services in its multiple wireless stores, we developed Multimedia Display and Distribution Application. The application is designed for use in large stores to display advertisements / offers / presentations of products & services / top daily promotions. Multimedia Display System Project was a large-scale prestigious scheme including the use of our application in all KikaZoom stores scattered across the USA.

The main purpose of the Multimedia Display and Distribution Application is to distribute large video files (video advertisements) to the network of stores belonging to a particular company. The files will be played on client’s equipment in each store across the region, country or worldwide. Multimedia Distribution System incorporates two parts: server part and client part. Server part consists of Backend Application and Webservice. Backend web-application is used to manage company stores accounts, company files and putting it all together - creating a batch (batch is a collection of files that will be sent to the shop). The main purpose of the backend application is to handle all the administrative work but it does not send anything to client application. This task is reserved to webservice. Webservice sends batches (file collections) on demand. Client application connects, logs on, and retrieves files. On the other side, there is the client application whose main purpose is to check for and download new file collections, then show them on a number of independent screens.

Under the Multimedia Display and Distribution System Project, we were asked by KikaZoom to produce video content advertising their services, products, promotions and commercials to be displayed on a set of huge screens in each of their stores all over USA. We are very proud of the work that we have completed for our customer. The results we delivered are the real measure of our success.

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